Lasse Diercks

Independent Web Advocate

The bigger picture

On the 1.1. of 2017 I started freelancing.

When I look at things I see the bigger picture, the holistic view, the small details that really matter. That’s why I started to build design systems and focus on the process of building web software.

What I noticed along the way is, that there is to turning back. Freelancing is a hell of a drug in terms of independence. I’m in control. My knowledge and skill set is the product. I’m in charge of everything. But I also noticed the big things in life aren’t accomplished without a team. So naturally, the next step that comes to my mind is founding a company.

I’ve started to play around with an idea with my brother ( It’s going well for something that is created from nothing. But more on that at a later point.

1,5 years into freelancing I got a holistic picture of where we are and where we’re heading.

My rough opinion on the status quo

The distribution of wealth is just ridiculous. We have most of the answers but struggle with equal distribution. No one is born to hate yet many countries seem to forget we are all the same. The world is a fucking horrible place if you’re not a white man.

My idea of the future:

We’ll cut away many process steps.

As someone who seeks a flat, I will be able to talk directly with a homeowner.

I’ll talk directly with the one repairing my car.

I’ll talk directly to the small banking service from Canada.

Big Corporations will suffer. Not die but suffer and eventually get smaller.

My contribution to a better future

Because I have to try to make a change. At least try it.

I will create Content and Products that result in a new mindset of work. A mindset that is rooted in humanity and equality. I will create Companies that serve a human intention, not the money. I want to support, connect and guide people with noble so their actions to make a change. I want to declare a limit of what is financially needed so we can finally start creating companies for the greater good, not the greater money.

Follow me, It’s going to be a hell of a journey.