I am a designer with a focus on the technical design execution process of web interfaces. This is my manifesto.

Human beings will always be the focus of my design

I'll give feedback to anyone and I will appreciate feedback from anyone who wants to give it to me.

I am part of a bigger process. I depend on the ones who craft concepts, as well as the ones who bring my design to life.

I will keep my knowledge up to date. As the web moves fast, so must I.

I am biased. To ensure diveristy and avoid blind spots I need different people and opinions to challenge and improve my design.

I embrace a proper design process. Results depend on the quality of every phase in that process.

I am the gatekeeper of good design. I am the one who has to speak up when that is in danger.

I embrace accessibility. A web-interface is only as good as the amount of people who can use it.

I believe in transparency. I will be transparent about my work and expect transparency from everything else too.

I embrace shared knowledge. I owe the design community for my skill level, and I will be forever repaying that debt.

I believe in the power of design systems.

Health first. Sleep, eat and rest properly.