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Lasse Diercks

Freelance Design Ops hire@lassediercks.de

I help people to achieve their goals in the web

I'm here to solve problems.

My journey has taught me why prototyping is important, how to create kick-ass icons and what it's like to be a product owner.

5 Years at Jimdo, a website builder in Hamburg, provided me with a learning focused and continuous-improvement mindset. When working on an Interface that is used to build websites you learn alot about almost every inch of the internet.

We came a long way from tables and inline styling. Today we create prototypes to communicate ideas, design-systems to achieve behaviour, design and code consistency and codepens to experiment with a few lines of code. I want to help designers with my technical point of view and developers with my design expertise to create awesome experiences.

Take a look around here and if you also think I add value to your product, let's get to know each other. write a mail at hire@lassediercks.de

Work I'm proud of


A client told me: I have a domain and I want to offer Tickets. About 60 working hours later, we launched the Site.

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Screenshot of the Jimdo UI-library

Jimdo Ui-Library

How can a few designers take big steps into design consistency? By establishing a pattern-library.

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Screenshot of the Jimdo UI-library

Jimdo Icons

I've been the go-to person for icons. After several incidents with Html entities, I had to change something

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Screenshot of Jimdo Icons

My very own pattern library

I'm serious, I've build a small living pattern library for this website.

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Screenshot of the pattern library of lasse diercks

What is a design process - Medium Article

In my free time, I write articles on medium. This one really got around the world and I'm super excited to share more learnings with the community.

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Screenshot of a medium article about the design process

Your next Project

You have big ideas and need a helping hand to bring them to life?

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Things I'm familiar with

Technologies I've used to get stuff done

Html CSS Js Sass/Less/Stylus Jquery Jsx

I have working experience in

React Angular Ruby on Rails Grunt/Gulp CSS Modules Legacy css BEM

Tools I use & endorse

Pen&Paper Design Studio Codepen Sketch Adobe Creative Suite Sublime Text2 Iterm2 Atom Github NPM Bower Commit style Coffee without Milk PDCA Kanban Kaizen Pomodoro Scrum

To sum it up:

Want me on your Team?

I'd be happy to recieve an e-mail from you at hire@lassediercks.de


Chronological collection of the roles I've fulfilled

  1. Freelance Design Ops
  2. Freelance
  3. Ui-Engineer
  4. Product Owner
  5. Interface Designer
  6. Online Marketing Design
  7. Junior designer
  8. Jimdo GmbH

Want me on your Team?

I'd be happy to recieve an e-mail from you at hire@lassediercks.de