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02/2020 - ongoing


is a wax and candle supply online shop based in North Carolina, USA.

Always change a running System. Nuxt2 to Nuxt3

As Vue2 approached its end of support on 12/23, we were compelled to upgrade to Nuxt3. Although we refactored parts of the codebase to improve it and eliminate a significant amount of technical debt, this was still the largest project I've worked on, with the primary objective of ensuring that there were no discernible changes for the end customer


Performance is key

This was not a typical project with a clear beginning and end, but rather an ongoing and engaging initiative to monitor the page and implement performance optimizations whenever viable and appropriate.


Individual Shipping requires a custom checkout

It's an absolute necessity for e-commerce to have fast and reliable shipping. To match the custom shipping options of CandleScience I helped to design and implement a checkout flow that is tailored to their needs.


Accessible E-Commerce

After an comprehensive accessibility audit from an external agency I helped CandleScience to implement the necessary changes to make their e-commerce accessible.


Applying a new design for a running e-commerce

I helped CandleScience to implement a redesign from scratch. For long-term maintainability I introduced the concept of a small scale design system and self-contained components to establish a coherent user experience with low maintenance effort.

VueJSNuxtJSCircleCINetlifySCSSStyleguideComponent LibraryResponsiveAccessible
08/2019 - 03/2020


is a german eyewear company. They are the biggest in Europe and the market leader in Germany.

Bridging the Gap between Design and Development

Fielmann already had a design system that was entirely focused on designers. I helped them to make the design system consumable for developers. This mainly included implementing the existing design patterns into code and distributing them in a different granularity. I was the Design Systems Team Lead.

ReactJSStyleguidistNodeJSCircleCISCSSComponent LibrarySemantic VersioningNPMDesign System

Prototyping a Real time experience

As the only technical person in a design team I set up prototypes with novel technologies to resolve risks at an early stage and help to communicate with something tangible.

VueJSReactJSFirebaseNetlifyStyled ComponentsPWAGraphQLRapid PrototypingOOUX
06/2019 - 10/2019


is an independent business magazine with a monthly print issue.

Implementing a mobile experience

I helped brandeins to implement their planned redesign to create a consistent responsive user experience. My job was to take an existing design from an agency and implement the frontend from scratch in VueJs. The challenging part was to orchestrate the redesign with tons of already existing content.

04/2019 - 12/2019

Cognitive Edge

is a complexity informed consultant and training Company.

Cynefin® FOUNDATIONS online course

I often felt misplaced when running scrum on the inside but having a fixed scope and deadline on the outside. This plus an overconsumption of Dave Snowden videos on YouTube made me invest in an online course of Cognitive Edge. The lessons learned in this course stick with me ever since.

02/2019 - 04/2019


is the state development bank for Hamburg, Germany.

Scaffolding a project

I helped the agency cellular (before it became FFW) to implement an inhouse crafted redesign for the IFB. My job was to setup the initial skeleton of the website as well as integrating the most used UI components for later reuse by other developers.

10/2018 - 12/2018


is a telecommunications corporation in Austria.

Using web technologies on a TV

A1 ships television boxes to their customer. My job was to implement a redesigned UI created by the agency cellular (before it became FFW) to run on their domestically distributed boxes.

07/2018 - 11/2018


is the fourth largest drug store chain in Germany.

Scaffold a new UI for retail

I helped the agency cellular (before it became FFW) to implement an in house crafted redesign for Budnikowsky. My job was to create the initial website skeleton and UI components that could display a wide range of products.

06/2018 - 08/2018

Boehringer Ingelheim

is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

Life with pulmonary fibrosis

I helped the agency factorial to implement a design that was created by an external design studio. My job was to implement the UI components that display the content which was created by a team of writers.

01/2018 - 05/2018


is a software development agency for insurances.

I helped sum.cumo to establish a way of dissecting repetitive UI components to make them reusable and maintainable across client projects.

06/2017 - 12/2017


is the german version of LinkedIn.

Enable teams to self-administer data governance

I helped Xing to rapidly setup an internal tool for data governance administration to be able to comply with the european GDPR conditions.


Discover and document a Design Language

I helped Xing to establish a comprehensive design system that went on to be used by more than 30 development teams. My job was to create components and to establish processes in the company that supported a shared language for UI components.

I Became a Freelancer
2011 - 12/2016


is a german website builder comparable to Wix/Squarespace.

Establish a UI-Library

As part of a small informal group of people we managed to establish a UI component library to tackle the immense consistency problems Jimdo was struggling with. This felt great as it started as a grassroots project but ended up as something valuable and recognized throughout the whole company.


Build templates and the template interaction interface

As part of the so-called template-team I built website templates but also the user-facing CMS interface to select and adjust a template as needed. I worked as a designer, frontend developer and partially product owner.

NodeJSReactJSHerokuSketchUnitTestingUsability TestsProduct Management

Built intuitive WYSIWYG interfaces

The WYSIWYG CMS interface was a constant subject of support requests. My job was to design, implement, test and validate a more intuitive behavior.


Conversion based Online marketing design

I started at the online marketing department of Jimdo where my job was to create landing pages based on SEA keywords in close cooperation with the marketing department.

Google AdwordsDreamweaverSCSSPhotoshopIllustratorHTML

I can add value to:
Strategy, Product Management, Product Discovery, Crisis Management or Complexity based Customer Research

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1989 born into a creative family. I got comfortable in web development and turned that into being a freelance Frontend Expert.

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